Long time..No See..

No floating papers spotted since four years?!! How come!

Hmm, the papers were always there..piling up on the shelf of the writer’s ever buzzing brain. But ah this writer’s hand is so lazy to lift the paper and set afloat.

Well, better late than never. Come on Papers, get set Go!





I Thought…

I woke up to the touch of a warm hand and heard her speak, “she is moving!! Feel it!”

I chuckled and rolled over and over to hear the same sweet voice, “See! You feel that! She is so active”

I love her voice and her touch.

“One more glass of Apple juice please, she is fond of it you know.”

“Wow, what a pretty frock! She would love this for sure. Pack this please.”

“Hey, play that song again, she twists her toes in rhythm to this song! Come and feel it here if you don’t believe me. She might grow up to become a great dancer”

I know I’ll be out soon and breathe the air filled with her love.

“Uh, I feel weak. It’s paining” she said in a feeble voice. I was terrified. May be I’m troubling her with my rapid movements in her stomach. So I stood still, motionless.

I am eagerly waiting to have the first look of her.

“No Please, I beg you. Please don’t do this to her. She will grow up to be a wonderful Woman, I promise you.

Please don’t kill her.” she cried.

I was horrified.


I thought I was safe in her womb.

I thought my birth would be celebrated.

I thought I would be surrounded by people in few days that are already in love with me.

I thought I would be the heroine of my family.

And I thought I could be in this beautiful lady’s arms for all my life.


But, No! They are going to kill me!


Did I commit a sin even before stepping into this world? If so, what is it? Can I rectify it?

Oh I don’t want to miss the sight of her.

But I’m helpless. I MISS YOU MOM.





A bit of Kaali

Dedicated to every girl who is proud to be one.


“Why did you?” The feeble and weak voice replayed inside his head and he twitched with discomfort.

The two watchful servants of Rudra looked at each other with an expression of concern. “I am horrified what the consequences would be, when he opens his eyes” said one of them. “Yes” agreed the other. Of late, the usually peaceful atmosphere of the celestial world carried an air of grief,one of the greatest creations ever, THE HUMANS being the reason.

“WHY DID YOU?” rang the voice again, this time more intense.

Rudra opened his eyes. They were gleaming red,terrifying enough to burn anything falling under their sight. He stood tall with his fists clenched. The two deva servants were startled and immediately fell on their feet. His roar shook every single occupant of the celestial world. He strode forward as if waging a war. He headed straight to the topmost towers from where he could get a glimpse of the Universe.  His angry eyes scanned the universe to spot the Earth. Yes, there it was, spinning peacefully and graciously around the sun.

Anger ran through his veins. One moment, it would just take one moment for him to crush the earth. The urge to destroy it let his hand move so close to the earth that it was just a few inches away from his grip. But something inside him told not to. Suppressing his anger, he let out a roar. His right hand pulled a bead from the beaded string hanging down the Trishul that he held with his left hand and threw it at the earth. It did hit the earth hard, splashing voluminous amounts of Bay of Bengal on to the land. A tsunami.

“Why did you? Why did you create me as a Woman?I have fallen prey to these MEN. This happened to me because of a fault in your creation. Yes it is your fault. I blame YOU, dear GOD” the voice rang in his mind again.Those were the last words of a brutally killed girl from the earth.

Rudra felt a touch on his shoulder. He turned around to face Vishnu, followed by every deva occupant of the celestial world.“We can’t just turn a deaf ear to these prayers any more” yelled Rudra. Vishnu looked over Rudra’s shoulder to see what he had done to the earth in his anger. Terror-stricken people ran helter-skelter with the after effects of the tsunami.

“For whom did we document Ramayana? Isn’t it for these ruthless men we have set Rama as an example?” Rudra said with frustration echoed in his voice.

“Yes Rudra, but we also did put the evil Ravan. The bad influences the human easier than the Good.” Vishnu reasoned.

 “But haven’t we carefully crafted his character! He did steal Sita from Ram but he dint dare to violate her modesty. These men have turned out to be wilder than Ravan, as they are committing sins that even the mighty Ravan didn’t dare to.” he retorted.

“Rudra, we are forgetting the most fundamental principle the universe is based on. The balance. Ram set an example and balanced the bit of Ravan that every man had within him. But humans no more see the purpose of Ram as a role model and Ramayana as moral science. They have confined him to temples and his epic to bedtime stories.” Vishnu explained.

“Vishnu, do you imply that this led to an imbalance among their states of mind?” asked a deva.

Yes. Imbalance because the bit of Ram has weakened, leading the bit of Ravan to grow stronger amongst few unstable male souls.

“That gives us the solution. A stronger Ram must evolve to balance this ‘wilder than Ravan’ bit within the beasts among the men.” A deva voiced his findings with pride.

Vishnu smiled. “Evolution of an avatar endures only when the human anticipates it. Humans now are used to the frequent sprouting of fake religious gurus referred to as babas. We cannot risk an avatar at this juncture of human mindset that no more anticipates an avatar.”The deva looked perplexed, unable to grasp the wisdom shared by Vishnu.

 His mind analyzing the insight of Vishnu, Rudra’s fingers massaged his forehead. Intense prayers from the Earth kept flowing into his heart’s chambers. “God, why did you do this to my Daughter? Why?” A father cried in pain. He racked his brains. Where did we go wrong? If an avatar could be of no help, what else could be…? What is it that we missed to…

“WILL YOU ALL PUT AN END TO YOUR DISCUSSIONS THAT IS LEADING US NOWHERE!!!?” Kaali stormed in. The very sight of her caused every Celestial soul to shiver in terror. Her voice sounded more like a lioness’ roar.

I AM GOING TO SLIT THE THROATS OF EVERY BEAST THAT DESTROYED A WOMAN. I WILL MAKE THEIR BLOOD GUSH OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS!!! I AM GOING TO DESTROY EVERY MAN ON THE EARTH” she finished breathing heavily. Silence followed with the only sound heard being her heavy breathe.

“Kaali, we cannot afford to lose the good ones for the rotten”. Rudra tried to pacify her.

A prayer reached Kaali. “God, please let her reach home safe” prayed a man bidding goodbye to his friend. Her breathing softened a little. “FINE you either speed up or I WILL BE ON MY WAY TO THE EARTH SLASHING EVERY MAN TO DEATH” she left with those words leaving everybody amidst panic.

“If only every girl had a bit of Kaali in her…” Narada sighed.

Rudra and Vishnu looked at Narada bewildered. Narada beamed at them. “Done with my job” he murmured under his breath and left the place with his usual recital. Narayana…Narayana…



Narada’s words struck like a lightning to their storming brains.

“Yes! That’s it! That is where we went wrong. This is what we missed to give a woman when we made her. A bit of Kaali. Every element that we created as part of the nature was given some source of power to retort. The cool breeze can turn into a tornado. The elixir of life,water, can flood the rivers. Even the smallest creature, the ant, was created with stings to toxin its attackers.

But Woman, the masterpiece of all our creations, we crafted her to possess the treasure of womanhood but dint give her the power to protect it from beasts. THIS IS THE FAULT IN OUR DESIGN!”

“But don’t you think it is their fault too? They attract men.” Manmadha smirked. They must try to…

 Rudra ran forward threatening him with the Trishul on his throat. “Don’t dare to finish your sentence. I might burn you to ashes for a second time Manmadha. And your woman would be least bothered this time to save you from me for the words you have uttered.”

Ashamed of what he spoke, he disappeared into the crowd.

Rudra turned around to face everyone else and continued or rather clarified. “THEY DON’T ATTRACT. THEY ARE ATTRACTIVE. It is as foolish as expecting a flower to control its fragrance. It was WE who were so carried off in modelling her with all the tenderness possible that we failed to realize how equally she needs a sword skill to protect herself. It was WE.”

Silence followed. “It is time we act” Rudra announced.

Yes! It is time we act! It is time we act! Every deva repeated.

“It is time we upgrade our creation.” Vishnu added. Rudra gave an approving nod. Where is Brahma?



“Upgrade the human race?” Brahma, the busiest of all the celestial beings raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you think it would create chaos among the human beings?” he said expressing his concern.

“Brahma, the human brain was designed such that it adapts to change and even craves for it. Isn’t it why their race has moved from Stone to Bronze to Iron Age? Today, they have associated every perishable good with an expiry date and every non-perishable good versioned.” Vishnu gave his facts.

Brahma thought for a while and spoke, “Fine. I get it. You want me to upgrade the human race to 2.0. What is the feature that you want to add?

“A bit of Kaali added to every woman that you craft.” Rudra and Vishnu replied.

WHAT? Do you understand what it means to have Kaali inside every woman! Even if it is only a bit of her!

Yes. We do, Brahma. But it is required. Millions of prayer notes kept dropping in for the past few human years, questioning us ‘why?’

We want you to re-model the masterpiece which is now an endangered species on the earth.

“Yes. But…” Brahma searched for words to express his inner feeling sugar-coated “You say it with such ease, as if it is as easy as adding sugar to coffee.”

“I know it is not as easy as adding sugar to coffee” Vishnu smiled while Brahma cursed the connection they three possessed between their minds. But if YOU Brahma being the creator could add a bit of you to every woman and call her a mother, probably a bit of Kaali too can be added.

Brahma nodded. He closed his eyes, made few counts on his fingers, and wrote some equations in air, referred to his creation manuals while Rudra and Vishnu waited in silence for his analysis.

He finally looked up and spoke.“Well, Yes. It is possible.” Both Rudra and Vishnu heaved a sigh of relief and asked, “How do we achieve that?”

Let me explain in detail. When a man tries to violate a woman who doesn’t approve him to, induces a feeling of disgust in her. This feeling triggers the emotion of fear making her weaker and helpless. So we will now re-program the hormones such that, the feeling of disgust triggers a different emotion, the emotion of Rage. A rage fierce enough that is characteristic of Kaali. We just have to scale-up the ordinary levels of human rage in a woman to that of Kaali’s. A Kaali now unleashed within her,she will desperately want to destroy the cause of it, giving her the ability to possess immense power, the power of fire.What does a human do when the tip of his finger touches fire? He would withdraw his hand automatically because the burn caused by the fire pains him. He would experience the same pain with the power of fire residing in her skin. The power resides in her as long as the rage does. Once her anger subdues, she is as tender as ever. We can add the property of water to her to achieve this. Heat the water to any degree; it will gradually cool down to a stable state later. This is what is meant by adding a bit of Kaali to every woman.

Awed by Brahma’s brilliance Rudra and Vishnu took few moments to process the information.“On discovering this ability won’t they tend to experiment with it? That would lead to disasters!”

“No. Because, no woman feels this disgust until she truly is faced with one. Humans can feel the pain only when they are hurt. Non-existent pain cannot be felt. Like a snake uses its venom when attacked, she would use this to protect herself.”

“Any other doubts?” questioned Brahma. Rudra and Vishnu smiled and saluted Brahma, the creator.



Human Race v2.0 kick started.

A Prayer note reached Brahma. It was from a man reading out his country’s national newspaper. “God, why don’t you do something to these beasts? No law here punishes them enough.”

“Hang on dude, we are working on it” replied Brahma. He, along with his deva assistants had been working on programming the new requirement. A list of female foetuses that are due to take birth shortly has been prepared. Every foetus was developed to include a bit of Kaali in her. Everything was set well and the babies took birth.



Seventeen human years later…

Every celestial occupant has assembled round the Earth monitor.They use it to view the happenings on the Earth. It is time to witness the Human race 2.0 go Live.

It was 8.00 PM in India. A girl hurriedly stepped out of the public transport vehicle and started walking fast to reach home. She carefully covered her face as an attempt to prevent drawing any unnecessary attentions and continued to walk. The secluded road started to scare her. Her house which appears to be not too far in broad day light seemed to be miles away in the nights. Her fears grew stronger when she noticed a group of four men whom she saw sitting in front of a closed shop few minutes ago are now just few steps behind her. Sensing the danger she started to run.

Rudra’s heart was beating fast. He promised to himself that he would save her if the bit of Kaali inside her didn’t wake up.

Vishnu and Brahma looked expectantly into the Earth monitor. Kaali had her sword gripped tight ready to slash them if they advanced any further.

The men soon were running in pace with the girl and they rounded her quickly. She fell on her knees.

Rudra rose from his seat.

The man standing behind her caught hold of her wrist. “You won’t run anymore” he said coldly.

You Moron! Rudra, Kaali, Vishnu and Brahma shouted.

“YES I WON’T RUN ANYMORE!” roared the girl gripping his wrist with her other hand. Her eyes were as red as the flames of fire and her face wild with rage. The man realizing what was happening to his skin under her grip yelled in pain. “LET ME GO! PLEASE! IT IS HURTING ME!” he groaned. “Is it? Didn’t you desire this? Isn’t it pleasing you?” she tightened her grip and he howled. The other three ran for their lives like they have seen goddess Kaali.

Kaali’s face glowed with pride. Rudra was pumping his fists in the air out of happiness. “Yes!” Brahma and Vishnu clapped their hands.

When the girl felt that she has punished him enough, she released her grip. The man fell on the ground with his wrist burnt leaving his bones visible. He ran out of her sight for the fear of being burnt alive.

Her anger slowly subdued. She was shocked to realize what she did to him. Unable to believe what had just happened, she knelt down with her hands joined and her head rose to look at the sky. She wept with tears of gratitude and said “GOD, You have listened to our prayers! Thank you!” she continued to weep.

It was the very same voice that rang in Rudra’s ears seventeen years ago.



“Nidhi wake up. Wake up!” her mother shook her. She opened her eyes and sat upright. For a second she couldn’t relate to the world surrounding her. She rubbed her forehead trying to recollect. She had dozed off to sleep the previous night with various thoughts running on her mind. The project she works in goes live the next morning. She was teased by a group of four men who passed ridiculous comments on her way back home. She so badly wanted to hurt them that she imagined to burn them by the mere touch of her. Realizing the impossibility of possessing such power, she shook her head and asked God “Why?” and fell asleep.

It was a dream. “WHAT A DREAM!” she thought to herself re-imagining every moment of it and got up to start with her day.

Sure the dream could never happen. Sure such power cannot be possessed. The dream didn’t give her the power of Kaali but it did induce in her the courage of Kaali. She felt a pride and courage from within, a courage that gave her confidence. Her mannerisms changed from that of a cautious deer to a graceful lioness. She walked not like a shy girl but like a courageous lady. Her beautiful eyes didn’t seem to show fear anymore. They glared.

The Sacred Ritual

I was born and brought up in a big giant joint family, with ‘n’ number of equally aged similar looking siblings and cousins. Gradually, our ‘n’ count decreased to n-1, (n-1)-1, ((n-1)-1)-1…. and so on, as our cousins left us behind, walking with knots tied to a stranger. My day came too, when a stranger walked into my life.

That morning is still afresh in my mind.

A group of four people came to our place. Though I and my cousins were clueless for whose hand was he called home for, I sensed that it could be me. My senses worked right and it was in my direction that the hands of the elders pointed to.

Fear gripped me.

Pairs of eyes from the group scrutinized me in unison from top to bottom. My legs automatically took a back step in embarrassment, but alas I was ‘encouraged’ to move forward. The discussion between our group and their group went on and on, mostly focused on my ‘bio-data’. Few commented on my skin complexion. Few commented on my feeble looking physique. They discussed in whispers ear-to-ear. I silently chanted prayers, for this meeting to end soon.

One man from the group was then sent closer to me. He looked at me with a gaze deep and intense enough to knock me off my feet. The next few seconds passed with my eyes fixed on the ground and my little brain shut off, unable to grasp anything from the surroundings.

Thoughts ran down…

I and my similar looking siblings were always urged to move in and within our group.

We never mingled with any stranger group. Why now?

I have previously witnessed these kinds of meetings that happened to my cousins but I never knew how it felt like, until this day.

Thankfully, my stranger didn’t take much time and he left with an ‘ok, you are fine for me’ kind of expression. He nodded to the other people, and the dealings between our two groups proceeded quickly.

I was engaged to this stranger.

The next few days passed with extra attention paid to me. I was pampered. I was fed well. I was given extra protection. I enjoyed the attention innocently, unaware of what my future has in store for me. The big day arrived soon. I was adorned with flowers and jewels. I was made special.

We arrived at the venue. The place was beautifully decorated and air filled with loud drum beats and chants of prayers. Many eyes were fixed on me. My heart-beat doubled or even tripled. The chants and prayers continued for a while and he showed up himself, dressed for the ritual. The prayers continued. I only had a glance at him now and then.

He looked calm and peaceful.

May be I was worrying too much.

May be my journey could turn out to be something special unlike my cousins’ who after this sacred ritual, never found time to come back and play with us.

May be I can still…

The chants grew louder and louder…

May be…

WAIT!! WHAT THE HELL IS HE HOLDING IN HIS HANDS! Why is he approaching ME with that knife in his hands!

OMG! I can’t even escape, I’m surrounded!






-End of my story.


What?? Now why that expression on your face? You mistook my story to that of an Indian bride’s???

Well, I am just a goat. Any resemblance is purely co-incidental!